Letter to the editor: Eternal vigilance in a wicked world

All this came on an anonymous e-mail:

Thieves took the registration from a long-term parked car and used the information to rob the owners’ house: They hauled off everything that could be sold. They knew the owners would be gone for days or even weeks.

Football fans lost some items out of their car parked at a game. Their GPS told the thieves exactly how to get to their house. Their garage door opener opened the garage door for them. Football is a long game, so they had time.

Thieves stole a cellular phone – then used it to text “Home” and ask for the PIN number. They got it. In five minutes they had cleaned out the owner’s bank account.

It gets worse: Having lost a cell phone while shopping, a lady got a call as from Mall Security, saying they had found the phone. She went to get it, but Mall Security didn’t have it. While she was gone, burglars struck her house.

These aren’t funny. At least they aren’t funny when they happen to you.

There are two morals to these stories.

First is that we might well start being careful what we believe from thieves.

Second is that we might well start being careful what we believe from presidents, other politicians and false officers of the law.

“Eternal vigilance just won’t do. It takes paranoia!” (American proverb)

Anything that could hurt us if it were a lie – could well be a lie.