Editorial: Ever-changing evolution ‘science’

No facts are safe in science.

Two papers published in Nature are contradicting the long-held belief by secular scientists that mankind evolved from some other ape-like creature in sub-Saharan Africa.

Now, some “scientists” found some new skulls buried in Marrakesh, Morocco, and they claim evolutionary science – you know, the stuff they teach kids in public schools – is off by 100,000 years on the origin of mankind.

“Expert” anthropologist Jean-Jacques Hublin from the Max Planck Institute dug layers of soil beneath the land where some skull and arm bones had been discovered. Using a dating process that depends on radiation, he concluded that the bones were more than 300,000 years old. What was so striking about these skulls was they bore “a striking resemblance to (Hublin’s) own” skull.

That’s because those bones are not that old. The dating method is flawed and this guy simply dug up some old graves, probably less than 4,000 years old.

This “expert” gets published because he findings are “sensational” and he must get published to add credibility to his unprovable claims to get further academic or government funding. It’s called “publish or perish.”

The origin of man cannot be proven by the Scientific Method yet America teaches evolution like it is not a theory.

It takes more faith to believe the ever-changing “facts” of evolution than to believe that man was created by an All-powerful God, the story told in the Bible.

That is unchanging truth.