Ex-CEO Sen. Brinkley sued by BBB for $1m+

The Better Business Bureau of Tulsa, Inc. filed a lawsuit against former BBB chief operating officer and State Sen. Rick Brinkley, who was fired by the board of directors on April 26.

The BBB is seeking damages of at least $1 million and an injunction to prevent further transfer of BBB assets in Brinkley’s possession.

Brinkley is a Republican who represents District 34, which includes Skiatook, Collinsville and Owasso. He was first elected in 2010.

According to the suit, Brinkley worked for the BBB from 1999 to this year. He was responsible for the financial management of the bureau, paying all the bills and signing the checks.

It alleges that he altered financial records to pay for personal expenses without approval. That included mortgage payments, pool cleaning, personal credit card bills and “a hidden gambling debt.” He extended cash advances to himself using BBB’s line credit and created bogus invoices for fake entities.

One of those entities was AECS, Inc., which allegedly got $260,736.65 over five years. Another one, DCS, Inc., got more than $117,410 over five years. Another false vendor was Jupiter, Inc., which got $144,070, according to the suit. CTW, Inc., got $184,095.

It contends that he loaned the BBB $49,000 from his senatorial campaign funds to conceal the financial shortfall and that sparked an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The suit also alleges Brinkley gave forged and illegitimate documents to the BBB board.

Brinkley has not made public comments concerning the case. According to published reports, his attorney said Brinkley did nothing wrong.

Brinkley stepped down as chairman of the Senate Pensions Committee and vice chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. He also resigned as assistant majority floor leader.