Exemption for donation of a car

Legislation approved by a budget subcommittee would allow charitable organizations that receive vehicles for needy individuals to bypass an excise tax on those motor vehicles.

Senate Bill 1459, by Sen. Gary Stanislawski and Rep. Ken Walker, would allow the charitable organizations that receive these vehicles to use dealer plates instead of having to retag the vehicle and pay an excise tax, Walker said.  Walker said the Car Care Clinic in Tulsa is an example of such an organization.

“The Car Care Clinic is a ministry started by a Tulsa couple that receives donated cars and fixes them up for mostly single moms,” said Walker, R-Tulsa. “They either give them away free of charge or charge some minimum cost of parts. They receive and fix up about 600 cars per year and this legislation will allow them to do even more. It used to be said that you turned to faith, family and community in times of need.”