Editorial: Fake climate news from Gore?

Sometimes truth can be oh so inconvenient.

In 2006, former Vice President Al Gore shocked Americans with his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Gore outlined shocking consequences due to “global warming” and “climate change.”

One of the “truths” in that film was that Gore predicted that the warming of the oceans, due to the greenhouse effect, would result in more frequent and more intense hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. He said fresh water flowing into the North Atlantic would provide the Arctic with its first ice-free summer.

That’s pretty scary stuff.

In an article written for Science News, Thomas Summer points out that Gore’s prediction that warmer weather will cause more hurricanes of stronger velocity hasn’t happened.


Evidence from scientists shows that the number of annual storms has actually decreased over the last century, making Gore’s prediction hogwash.

Scientists once thought hurricanes over oceans were caused by the water being warmer that surrounding air. More research showed that hurricane formation is much more complex than what Gore said.

Apologists for Gore say the decrease in storms is due to more variation in wind speeds at different levels and that is from “climate change.”

But that is not what Gore said.

Al Gore was a terrible vice president. Thank goodness he was defeated by former President George W. Bush in 2000.

Who knows what crazy ideas Gore would have pushed had he been elected president?