Fallin blasts Bennett for criticism

Gov. Mary Fallin blasted State Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, after he complained about the negotiating tactics by state agencies.

Fallin, who is pushing for billion-dollar tax increases to expand state government, wrote on her Facebook page, “It’s unacceptable behavior for a lone legislator to call state agencies and their employees terrorists. An apology should be given.”

Former State Representative and present Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate, Dan Fisher, said, “Since Rep. John Bennett has actually fought terrorists on the battlefield, I’m certain he knows what terrorism looks like. Government agencies using fear tactics to get more tax dollars actually does fit the broader definition of terrorism.

“Representative Bennett is not disparaging hard-working state employees. He is disparaging the negotiating tactics being used by deep-state bureaucrats to squeeze more money out of Oklahoma taxpayers. The governor should know better.”

Fisher called Bennett “a stalwart conservative, a defender of liberty, and a good friend. I proudly stand with him. I actually call on the governor to apologize to all Oklahoma taxpayers for allowing us to get into such a crisis that a special session was even necessary. While she condemns Rep. Bennett, who was standing up for the taxpayers, Fallin and the Legislature’s decisions have created the biggest financial mess in recent times.”

Under Fallin’s watch, spending has risen dramatically and continues to do so, Fisher said. Members of her administration have mismanaged millions of tax dollars and had to resign.

“If anyone needs to apologize, it’s the Governor and other political leaders who have allowed this debacle to occur!” Fisher said.