Fallin replaces National Guard chief

Governor Mary Fallin named Brig. Gen. Louis Wilham to serve as Oklahoma’s interim adjutant general.

Wilham, Oklahoma’s assistant adjutant general, will command the Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard, and will serve on the governor’s cabinet as interim secretary of the military.

Wilham takes over for Maj. Gen. Robbie L. Asher. Fallin named Asher adjutant general in February 2015. Fallin informed General Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau, of her decision to make a change in the adjutant general position.

“I have chosen to go a different direction and request that he be separated in order to meet the needs of the Oklahoma National Guard,” wrote Fallin in a letter to Lengyel.

Wilham is an Oklahoma Army National Guard officer who also serves as the executive director of the Oklahoma Military Department, the state agency responsible for the administration of the Oklahoma National Guard.