Fallin vetoes bill requiring more information about vaccinations

The very next day after completing my last column, there was in the e-mail in-box a letter forwarded by Kevin Hurdelbink, managing technician at the HBOT (HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy) clinic in Jenks. This letter was written by Dr. Jim Maxey, D.D.S. to Governor Mary Fallin objecting to her veto of HB 3016. Happily for me, the Senate co-sponsor was my State Senator, Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow. Unfortunately, the Dr. Maxey letter is longer than space allowed will permit including all, so a valiant attempt will be made to compress the contents but still allow for an understanding of the situation.

His beginning explanation is that the bill would have required doctors to supply a four-page information and consent form to parents of children recommended for any vaccination. According to the information presented the veto was chosen upon the recommendation of State Sen. Dr. Ervin Yen, along with Dr. Eve Switzer and Dr. Don Wilbur, medical advisors to Gov. Mary Fallin. Their objections included that the forms “could have led to confusion among parents and reduce the immunization rate.” Also, Dr. Yen added that “list of ingredients is confusing and could deter parents from getting immunizations.”

He went on to explain an outside of practice agenda on the part of Dr. Yen indicating some possible collusion with pharmaceutical lobbyists with the ultimate objective of removing all exemptions and parental choice for childhood vaccinations. Meaning, as understood by me, that the parents of children would have to agree to them being vaccinated without full disclosure of the possible consequences and side effects of any drug being used. That would include disclosure of the chemicals that may be included in the preparation as well as make-up of the vaccine.

The letter includes the following list of inclusions in various vaccines: formaldehyde, aluminum (some think possibly linked to Alzheimers), aborted fetal tissue, mercury, thimerosal, live viruses, bacteria, monkey kidney tissue, mouse serum protein, Bovine serum, human serum, hexadecyltrumethylammonium Bromide, porcine gelatin, antibiotics, egg albumin and glutaraldehyde. Also, he lists numerous possible and reported side effects including: seizures, allergic reactions, diarrhea, fever, joint pain, autism, hemorrhage, urinary tract infection, SIDS, blood in stool, lethargy, death, vomiting, althralgia and respiratory illness. A further problem is that the serums are not weight/dose specific, which is to the size and weight of the recipient.

Dr. Maxey then goes on to presume that the ultimate objective of these ‘advisors’ would be to remove any and all provisions allowing the refusal to receive any and all vaccinations for children and adults. Such a situation could then require all residents to receive vaccinations for which they have no proof as having been received, at any time.

This seems to me to be another example of big brother at its worst, and an utter and complete waste of time and money, since I know of no person, other than active duty military and possibly emergency responders, who has possession of a complete immunization record. The keeping of a permanent and complete immunization record is something that seems to me to be a most desirable thing, and preferably a duplicate copy of the patient’s complete medical record.

I have been assured by my personal doctor that the oath admonition of: “First, do no harm,” has not been removed from the Hippocratic Oath.