Letter to the editor: Fallin’s veto of pro-life bill ‘disturbing’

I am very shocked and disturbed that pro-life, Governor Fallin, vetoed a pro-life bill that would have made it a felony punishable by up to 3-years in jail for performing an abortion.

Governor Failln says the language of the bill was “vague” and “ambiguous” and did not address adequately “what medical circumstances would be considered “necessary to preserve the  life of the mother.”  In addition, she had concerns about lawsuits that would likely occur and the money it would take to defend it.

First of all, one must understand that it is not morally licit for a doctor to ever perform a procedure that would directly kill the unborn baby so that the mother could live.  Once that is understood, everything become clear and thus, Fallin should have signed the bill regardless of impending lawsuits or “vague” language because God’s law (Thou shall not kill)  trumps man-made laws.

So, a pro-life governor has it in her power to pretty much ban all abortions in Oklahoma and doesn’t do it because of a very remote scenario of a mother’s life in jeopardy?  Are you serious?  It was at her hands to ban abortions and she did not do it.  It’s really that simple.  She utterly failed to live up to her pro-life billing and seemingly has fallen for the tricks of the Devil – who is the author of fear, doubt and deception – instead of moral conviction anchored in Jesus Christ.