Letter to the editor: Film shows the truth of Islam

The entire western world is being swamped by an Islamic invasion but Muslims aren’t coming in uniforms and carrying guns – they are arriving en masse through immigration with the assistance of western governments. Some call this phenomenon “refugee resettlement.” Few are willing to call it what it is – an “act of conquest” – according to traditional Islam.

One of those few is Paul Nehlen, producer and director of the new documentary, Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion. The documentary provides a compelling examination of the issues surrounding immigration and terrorism, but Nehlen claims the establishment media is complicit in covering up the truth about what Islam truly represents. The purpose of the documentary is to introduce westerners to the double meaning in the term “hijrah.” The meaning is used in a spiritual context as a kind of “flight from sin.” The more sinister meaning also means “conquest via immigration.” Both the innocent and sinister meanings are critical to understanding the manufactured refugee crisis and immigration in the name of Allah.

World Net Daily reporter Leo Hohmann reported in 2014 that Muslim leaders have explained immigration is part of the movement’s strategy to take over the West. Counterterrorism expert and former Department of Homeland Security agent Philip Haney, co-author of See Something, Say Nothing, argued immigration is a tool Islamists use to pursue their goal of conquest. He said that the power that drives the global government has the goal to implement global Shariah law.

Jihad is the tactic employed. Shariah law is totally incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. Nehlen’s film gives an in-depth examination of Islamic history, teachings and doctrine so that it is a wake-up call for all Americans who believe Islam is “just another religion.”

Nehlen shows how refugee resettlement, far from being a charity, is a lucrative business with federal contractors receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from western governments to facilitate the Islamic Invasion.

Among the contractors who are being heavily subsidized are many Christian and Jewish religious organizations. The resettlement effort is touted as a moral necessity. The film shows why the invasion is occurring, who benefits and what is at stake. The film is available from the WND Superstore and is a must see.