Fort Sill is spared in military cuts by President Obama

Governor Mary Fallin said the Pentagon made the right decision by preserving and adding to current force levels at Fort Sill.

“Fort Sill being spared cuts is certainly great news for Lawton, Fort Sill and the entire state,” said Fallin. ”Fort Sill is more than just an employer here in Oklahoma – the men and women of Fort Sill are part of our Oklahoma family.”

The Army, which must reduce its active-duty ranks by 40,000, announced this month that Fort Sill will gain 219 active-duty slots over the next two years. Posts in other states are absorbing thousands of lost positions.

The restructuring will mean new air defense and field artillery battalions at Fort Sill. “Fort Sill, in addition to being an important part of our state’s economy, is a key asset in our nation’s defense,” Fallin said. “The Pentagon made the right decision to preserve current force levels at a facility that is integral to our national defense and enjoys strong community support. We pride ourselves on being a state that loves and supports our men and women in uniform.  And I believe our soldiers benefit greatly from living in a community such as Lawton and our state of Oklahoma that have welcomed them with open arms.”