Editorial: Free speech for pubic teachers

The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) wants a public school teacher in Dewey “disciplined” because he criticized Islamic terrorism.

CAIR is insisting that the Dewey School District conduct mandatory “diversity training” offered by Muslim organizations. In a private Facebook on June 28, American history teacher Dan Close criticized an act of Islamic terrorism. He wrote, “Another Islam attack. Happy Ramadan to everyone. Death cult. Vote for Clinton if you want to appease the dog pigs. Vote Trump if you want them butchered. Happy Ramadan to all infidels.”

First, Close was off duty and should be allowed to express his opinion. Secondly, he clearly was not calling for all Muslims to be killed – just terrorists. Yet CAIR is protesting as if he were calling for an assault on Muslims who aren’t terrorists.

This is a troubling situation.

America is at war with Islamic terrorism yet there are those within our nation who want to silence any criticism of those acts of barbarism. CAIR seeks to silence their opposition while they fully exercise the freedom of speech that they oppose for their opponents.

Radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood want to convert America to Islam and install Shariah law. That is a stated goal. They cannot defeat us militarily. They are very patient. Their strategy is to infiltrate our culture and use our freedoms against us.

Public schools teachers, especially those who teach history, must be allowed to tell they whole truth. America should not worship at the idol of diversity and submit to foreign influences that foster terrorism.