Editorial: French flight attendants revolt

With Obama’s deal to drop sanctions on Iran, Air France has resumed flights between Paris and Tehran. In a large bow to political correctness, the airline has mandated that its female flight attendants wear head scarves and loose fitting clothing.

The attendants don’t like the new rules one bit.

“It is not our role to pass judgement on the wearing of headscarves or veils in Iran,” the head of the Union des Navigants de l’Aviation Civile (UNAC), Flore Arrighi, said. “What we are denouncing is that it is being made compulsory. Stewardesses must be given the right to refuse these flights.”

Forced acceptance of Islamic culture is not popular these days in France, particularly in the wake of the Paris massacre by Islamic terrorists.

In 2011, France tried to emphasize “separation of church and state” with a “burqa ban” – which does not make it illegal to wear a hijab in public but it does ban them in government offices and schools. All religious insignia are prohibited in certain government sites.

But Air France is a private company and flight personnel should be free to wear Islamic garb or not. The flight attendant union wants the company to let women opt out of flights to Iran without doing damage to their careers.

Many of them think that wearing Islamic clothes is an insult to their dignity.

The Islamic movement refuses to adapt to western culture while insisting on using the freedoms of the West to install Shariah law. They like to intimidate companies into forced acceptance of their culture while they infiltrate European and American culture and refuse to assimilate.

You have to wonder what radical feminists in America think when they hear of these stories. They fiercely defend the “right” to wear Islamic clothes at work in America but they are strangely silent at the poor treatment of women in Islamic countries.