Gambling with National Security

You may recall that in the 1990s, President Bill Clinton went on television to assure Americans that North Korea would never possess a nuclear weapon.  After all, American inspectors would find any attempt to get around the signed agreement.

Twenty years later, President Obama is making the same assurances – with the exception that even Congress doesn’t know what was agreed to since there are numerous signed side agreements that allow this nontreaty to proceed with concurrence for Iran to use its own inspectors to self-police itself.

North Korea not only has a nuclear bomb, but also the rocketry to reach its neighbors.  So much for believing Bill Clinton, who lied repeatedly to the American people.

Congressional Democrats and President Obama are again telling falsehoods in order to pass a legacy agreement event though it endangers national security and that of our allies.

Just days ago, North Korea restarted its main plant for producing nuclear bombs. At that time, North Korea indicated “it may soon launch a long-range rocket.”  The Koreans have already tested a nuclear weapon three times.

Iran has not exploded a weapon, but has never stopped working on one.

Iran, too, has sponsored terrorism ever since taking over the American Embassy during President Carter’s administration.  Iran also sponsored blowing up the Marine barracks in 1983 and African buildings housing Americans.

In recently declassified bin Laden papers, it is revealed how Iran was used by al Qaeda operatives to refit, rearm and as transit to and from the battlefield.

As the Wall Street Journal states, “Here’s an example from one file that has been released. In a memo to bin Laden, an al Qaeda operative talks about another who is ready to travel:  the destination, in principle, is Iran and he was with him 6-8 brothers that he chose.  I told him we are waiting for final complete confirmation from you to move and agree on this destination (Iran).  His plan is to stay around three months in Iran to train the brothers, then start moving them and distributing them in the world for their missions and specialties.”

If this is not enough to scare most Americans, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced that women will be allowed in the infantry.  He said, “I’m not going to ask for an exception for the Marines.” This comes ahead of studies yet to be released and recommendations of senior military commanders.  He also allowed the Navy Seals will be open to women.  Niney-nine percent of the male population cannot meet Seal standards, but the girls can.  Makes sense to me.  Let the social experiment continue regardless of the harm done.

Is there real harm?  You need to read Julie Pulley’s op-ed entitled “Women in the infantry?  No thanks.”  Ms. Pulley is a 2000 graduate of West Point and a former captain and Airborne soldier.

Ms. Pulley says thanks to the women before her so that “I could live big dreams, choose to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point and serve my country without feeling professionally inhibited, marginalized or disrespected.”

She reported that the Veterans Administration pays out $500 million annually for degenerative arthritis, cervical strains and other musculoskeletal injuries.  Women are expected to be injured far more than men.  She advocated more study in contrast with Mr. Mabus whose mind is made up.

Captain Pulley makes her point when she asked these questions, “Because I am a mother of both a son and a daughter.  As a former service member, I wouldn’t have wanted to be forced into a job in which I was severely disadvantaged.   I do not want my daughter mandated to fill a position in which she will have to put forth significantly greater effort than her peers just to survive in a time of war.  I do not want my son forced into a job where he is at greater risk because those serving alongside him are disproportionately taxed physically.”

Who could say it better?