Garbage service changes rates for residential customers

New  trash rate increases went into effect for City of Tulsa customers on Nov. 1. Residents will see the new rates reflected on their December utility bill.

Close to 90 percent of Tulsa households have standard trash service and will see a slight decrease on their utility bill due to the updated ordinances. Households with premium trash services will see an increased rate for the additional trash services.

Here are the standard trash rates:


Each standard trash service decreased by 10 cents.

Curbside – 96 Gallon – $15.42

Curbside – 64 Gallon – $13.92

Curbside – 32 Gallon – $12.42

Here are the premium services:

Backyard Collection: Add $6.50

Extended Backyard: Add $13

Twice-A-Week Collection: Add $10

Additional 96-Gallon Cart: Add $6

Trash rates will automatically be adjusted based on the residents’ current service.

Customers can call 918-596-9777 to make changes to their residential trash collection service.

Premium Service trash customers will also receive a letter in the mail about the adjustment.