Letter to the editor: Glad Cronkite is gone

I watched the PBS Independent Lens special called Tower just now.  It was a story that happened when I was about 21 (1966) and I really didn’t know too much about it.  It is really a good story, with heroism valiant human emotions, BUT, of course PBS has their hooks in and the very last part was a newscast by the socialist (who call themselves Marxists) Walter Cronkite, and he puts the spin on it, basically, that if no one had guns, this would not have happened.

Cronkite is long gone, but a modern socialist, like one if the anchors for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC could definitely say that, if Obama had his way, eight years ago, no Americans would have guns and we would already be slaves under blessed Global Marxism and the United Nations.

And they always wonder just why the radical conservatives think that the taxpayers should not fund PBS and Public Radio.  Surely, with all the wealthy liberals in the country they could support themselves, like all the zillion other channels have to do.