Editorial: Global warming and religion?

The Rev. Mitch Hescox, president and CEO of the  Evangelical Environmental Network has joined with Pope Francis in declaring global warming and climate change the highest priority for a Christian.

“We are grateful that the Pope has joined with over 300 evangelicals like Rick Warren, Rich Stearns, and Bill Hybels, and other Christian leaders who understand climate change as the greatest moral challenge of our time and the greatest opportunity for hope,” Hexcox said. “It’s time to make hope happen by fueling the unstoppable clean energy transition, stopping the ideological battles, and working together. Creating a new energy economy that benefits all and addresses climate change is not about a political party but living as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We urge all people of good will, especially fellow Christian conservatives to read and study these timely words from Pope Francis.”

This is wrong-headed on so many levels.

The climate has always changed. Global warming is miniscule and it actually benefits people.

Climate is not the “greatest moral challenge” of our time. The rejection of Jesus Christ and the subsequent hedonism, secularism and moral relativism are the real problems.

Even if you believe that man is causing the climate to change, we don’t have the ability to effect change.

The climate change movement is rooted in wealth redistribution and the diminishing of American prosperity.

By eliminating so-called fossil fuels, we would actually be harming those in Third World countries as we get rid of the energy they need to meet the basic needs of life. And it is foolish to think that nations like India and China – two of the biggest polluters – would scale back on energy production for any reason.

Christianity can change the world. Christians can’t change the climate.  Hope lies in Jesus, not wind power.