God played a major role in the United States winning WWII

Now we are finally into the month of December of the year 2016. With the first full week of the month starting on December 5, it seemed appropriate to pause and remember game-changing events that have had major effects on the lives of those existing at the time.

The date on December 7 was when we looked back 75 years to the Sunday declared (on the next day) by President F. D. Roosevelt to be “a day that will live in infamy.” That was the first sentence in his speech to a joint session of Congress in which he requested Congress to declare a state of war to exist between the Empire of Japan and the United States of America. He finished the speech with the statement to the effect that we will be victorious “So Help Us God.” Unfortunately, the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., leaves that last part off. A day later, the “Axis Powers” of Socialist Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy declared war on the United States to complete the “World War” designation. Soviet Russia had already been invaded by Nazi Germany after they had executed a non-aggression pact.

Congress later passed a law requiring that “So Help Us God” be added but the current administration has failed to do so. Paul Andert, one of the founders of the WW II Vets of Tulsa has steadfastly refused to avail himself of an Honor Flight trip until this has been done. He spent, if my memory serves correct, 33 months in combat in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and D+1 into Normandy and through Europe under command of Gen. George S. Patton.

Of course, there is much more to this war history that space does not permit going into, but we were plunged into all-out war activities on two fronts and in two oceans. It is my belief that the whole story has not yet been told about some underlying actions that could serve to possibly alter the generally accepted conceptions about the beginning. However, the FDR administration had entered office in 1933 in the midst of the Great Depression and appeared to believe that the war (already in action since September 1939) and our involvement would be a way to put that behind us and go on the way to prosperity. It did, but at a great cost in lives, quality of life, money and natural resources. In fact, the Allies rode to victory on a “sea of U.S. oil” since the United States at the time was the world’s major producer of oil and gas, and producers responded with large increases in production.

It remains my unshakable opinion that God had taken a role in many ways in assuring the ultimate victory. At Pearl Harbor, the attacking planes aimed all their armaments on the anchored ships and parked airplanes, with devastating effect. However, unlike most normal activities there, the entire aircraft carrier force, with their support ships, were at sea when it was normal that only half were at sea at any time. Further, the attackers failed to touch the fuel farm which would have rendered the remaining fleet ships immobile. The attacking admiral was reported later to have remarked that when the first wave returning pilots reported the absence of carriers, that we have lost the war.

Many times later there were incidents where it appears that God must have taken a hand to be favorable towards our forces, resulting in major victories with reduced casualties. Thus it becomes my opinion that we should continue to be thankful to Him for our deliverance from the evils of those other type of governments. We who follow Him should be prepared to step up and be ready to take action against the forces of evil that, again in my opinion, have currently invaded our government, education system and news sources. They are very patient, but ever ready to take advantage of any sign of weakness. Thus the president-elect, with his demonstrated style, is hoped to be a welcome change for the better in the direction of our future government actions.