Editorial: Good news from the City Council

Tulsa City Councilor Blake Ewing has great news for Tulsa.

He’s not going to run again.

Ewing could be the poster child for the profile of recent city councilors. Most are registered Republicans (the council races are “nonpartisan”) and all pretty much ignore the Republican platform. They are “chambercrats” who do not make any substantial decisions without getting approval or tacit approval from powerful business leaders.

Ewing has been the District 4 councilor for almost four terms. A not-so-successful businessman, Ewing apparently is not going to seek any other elected offices.

It would be great news if the rest of the council also retired and stayed away from other public offices.

Tulsa is a conservative city. Tulsa is a largely Christian city. Although some of the city councilors profess to be Christians (Ewing went to John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas) and conservative, they don’t act like it in key issues. Actions speak louder than words.

Along with moderate Republican G.T. Bynum, this set of councilors has engineered gigantic tax increases, borrowed huge amounts of money and tremendously increased red tape for city government. They have concentrated public money to help private businesses and homeowners almost exclusively in  Downtown. Ewing voted to curtail certain retailers from expanding in North Tulsa – another prime example of city government picking winners and losers.

And there is no moral leadership emanating from elected officials in Tulsa’s city government. Christian values are out the window as the city embraces the Homosexual Agenda and rushes to expand the sale of liquor.

Things couldn’t get much worse but if more councilors follow Ewing’s lead, hope will spring eternal.