Editorial: Good news is state government isn’t growing under new budget

The news concerning the new state budget is good and bad.

The good news is that the budget was cut by one percent. When was the last time that the state spending didn’t go up?

The $611 million predicted budget shortfall forced legislators and agency heads to prioritize spending and that’s good.

Forty-nine agencies were cut and none of them will go out of business this year. There were no cuts in common education.

Higher education has a $24 million cut – which is peanuts compared to what the state colleges and universities spend. Administrators will use this meager decrease to try to justify higher tuition rates. That means more borrowing by college students who will leave school with higher debts to enter a job market with fewer jobs (thanks to Obama).

Liberals are blaming a cut in the state income tax for budget woes. That’s absurd. For one thing, the cut is minimal. And secondly, cutting tax rates raises more revenue because it pours money back into the private sector.

If you listen to the liberals, every problem in Oklahoma is due to poor public education and the only solution is to pour countless billions into public school districts top heavy with underworked and overpaid administrators.

State government in Oklahoma is too big. A slight budget decrease is just what the doctor ordered.