Editorial: GOP moderates divide the party

The Republican Party is losing support because of heavy-handed manipulation from the social moderates who cannot tolerate conservatism.

This is happening at the federal level, the state level and at the county level.

At the federal level, businessman Donald Trump is driving the neo-conservatives batty because he speaks his mind. They don’t really mind his candor but they can’t stand that his straight talk is winning him support among conservative Republicans.

Country Club Republicans want Jeb Bush or Chris Christy or John Kasich – all candidates who can talk like conservatives but who bow immediately to political correctness when it comes to social issues.

On a state level, powerful GOP businessmen in chamber circles targeted former state GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon the minute he took office. Brogdon is too conservative, too honest and too religious for their tastes.

Since they couldn’t get the votes to keep him out, they enlisted the willing assistance of Oklahoma’s liberal newspapers, radio stations and TV stations to mount a campaign to embarrass and harass Brogdon until he quit.

The evil plan worked. Brogdon bowed out and was temporarily replaced by a pawn of the chamber.

In Tulsa County, there is a big split. You have a small group of influential liberal Republicans who control the purse strings of the party. They have a disproportional impact on candidate support and they own the local media.

The liberal/moderate wing seems to be winning the battles but they are losing the war. More conservatives are abandoning the GOP because of this situation. That was shown in a special state house election that was won by a Democrat after decades of Republicans because grassroots Republicans thumbed their noses at the Establishment.

America’s two-party system seems to be on the way out.