Editorial: Gov. Scott Walker bows out

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has suspended his campaign for president.

That’s a shame.

Walker, a true conservative, showed the nation how to effectively run a state by standing up to the leaders of out-of-control labor unions. He righted the fiscal ship in his state and ushered in prosperity.

Walker, a Republican, did this while dealing with a state dominated by Democrats and activist judges. He won the people over with common sense and solid values.

Walker is a rock solid believer in Jesus Christ and he is not ashamed of his faith. He is a true public servant. But this campaign season is being won by those who yell the loudest and make the most outrageous claims or policy statements.

Walker is calm and effective. That doesn’t play well on cable news shows or in debates with 11 candidates. Because he is well mannered and polite, Walker got six minutes out of two hours thanks to the CNN moderator and the rudeness of other GOP hopefuls.

This time around, America has missed out on a great candidate for president. Walker is 47 and he is certainly young enough to make another run later. Perhaps the eventual nominee will pick him as a running mate.

A field of 17 Republicans is down to 15 due to the departure of Walker and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. There are some excellent candidates left in the race and there are some rotten politicians still running.

Let’s hope the eventual nominee has a record of accomplishment, a faith in God and a solid set of principles.