Editorial: Grave danger, weak president

It is painfully obvious that President Obama and Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders don’t have what it takes to combat terrorism.

After the Paris attack, Obama took no action except to endorse the importation of potential terrorists among tens of thousands of Syria war refugees. While the president of France declared the attack “an act of war,” Obama showed a complete disdain for leadership.

What will happen when the terrorists manage to pull off another attack within the United States? Will Obama blame the Republicans?

Hillary likes to talk tough. She and her handlers believe that she must give the appearance of strength while not offending the far left of her party who don’t believe in military solutions.

She is not strong or resolute. Her foreign policy was on display in Libya when she failed to save our ambassador from being dragged through the streets and killed. (Obama has never brought the perpetrators to justice, either).

Sanders was a conscientious objector during the War in Vietnam. He claims that he can function as “commander in chief,” should he be elected president. Many people were young and stupid but those aren’t traits we look for in a president.

Our enemies are gleeful about our lack of leadership and our allies shake their heads as they realize they can no longer count on the United States to help insure the peace.

The Paris attack should be a wakeup call to Europe but it may be too late. Socialism rules as Europeans worship on the altar of “tolerance.”

Let’s hope America is not attacked before we can install a new president who is not Clinton or Sanders.