Guess who were sponsors of the ‘gay pride parade’ in Tulsa?

Who are the biggest promoters of homosexuality in Tulsa?

A check of the Oklahomans for Equality website shows a growing list of Tulsa individuals, businesses and foundations that want to force normal Tulsans to embrace homosexuality as normal.


On top of the list is the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser is perhaps the richest man in Tulsa. It’s ironic that a “family” foundation promotes a lifestyle that cannot produce biological families and a cause that pushes the disintegration of normal families – the backbone of a healthy civilization.

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and the Anne and Henry Zarrow Family Foundation are the most familiar names. Others are probably families with a great deal of money, no social conservative values and perhaps a family member who is caught up in a homosexual lifestyle.


Bank of Oklahoma, controlled by Kaiser, is a big sponsor and so is ConocoPhillips (Frank Phillips must be turning over in his grave). ONEOK  is a sponsor and so is PSO. The Bama Companies support homosexuality.

Toss in Osage Casino, which means some Indian tribes support the Homosexual Agenda.

Coca Cola sponsored the Gay “Pride” Parade in June.  Whole Foods Market was a parade sponsor (I don’t shop there now, so I can’t really stop going there). So did Capitol One and Fiat.


Congregation B’nai Emunah, Parish Church of St. Jerome, Eastside Christian Church, All Souls Unitarian Church (of course), Fellowship Congregations Church (United Church of Christ) and Phillips Theological Seminary proudly support homosexual rights.

Apparently, these churches have no regard for the Bible and the condemnation of the sin of homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments. To them, it’s just another book. They accept the parts they like and they reject anything that doesn’t fit their liberal theology.


The Tulsa Fire Department had a pink fire truck in the parade. Really?

Camp Fire of Green Country supported the parade weekend. Who would trust their young daughter to a group like this who has abandoned traditional morality? I wouldn’t let my children get close to them.

The Tulsa Shock supported the parade weekend. This is not surprising. Unlike the NBA, the WNBA has a host of players who are in a homosexual lifestyle. A Tulsa Shock player married another WNBA player after both were arrested for beating each other up in a domestic quarrel. Both were suspended for seven games but then the Tulsa player announced she was pregnant (but not how that happened) and the other woman announced she was seeking an annulment.

Why would you let your daughter go see a basketball game by an organization that promotes this social chaos?

Tulsa Community College is another sponsor. Why would a publicly financed college spend taxpayer money to endorse homosexuality? It’s a puzzle.


The radio station 106.9 K-Hits. K-Hits is owned by UsScripps Media, Inc., of Tulsa. The station really promoted the “pride weekend.”

It’s strange because it is a sister station to KFAQ 1170, one of the most conservative and moral radio stations in Oklahoma (home of the Pat Campbell morning show with Eddie Huff).

How does station management reconcile those two stations?

The Tulsa World does not directly support homosexual activities but a current and former editors were in the parade (with their lawyer). They are the ones that won a federal lawsuit to overturn the Oklahoma Constitution’s Defense of Marriage Act and make homosexual marriage legal in Oklahoma. I would call that tacit endorsement and that would be charitable.

I will get e-mails from people calling me a bigot, a homophobe and a hater for this column. They use the term bigot because they wish to associate the Homosexual Agenda with the push for civil rights that began with the abolition of slavery in the Civil and accelerated with new federal laws in the 1960s.

They deliberately misuse the term homophobe as “a person who fears or hates homosexuals and homosexuality.” The original definition was “an irrational fear of becoming a homosexual.”

I don’t fear homosexuals. I don’t hate homosexuals. It is a common liberal strategy to accuse your opponent of what they are doing and this is the case in their name calling.

Homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle. It is filled with shame and medical problems. Most of the people I have met who are caught up in it wish they were normal.

They think they cannot change. And that is probably true apart from faith in Jesus Christ, who can transform sinners into a better life.

At some point, Americans may say enough is enough and stop embracing this terrible sin. That might not happen. Our culture may be beyond repair apart from the Second Coming of Christ (which will happen sometime – no one know when).

Until then, you can’t tell the horses from the jockeys without a scorecard – so that’s why I listed some of the homosexual supporters in Tulsa.