Editorial: Gun-free zones are a bad idea

The only thing worse that declaring a “gun-free zone” is to publicize the fact that no one in that area can legally carry a gun.

In Texas, the legislature passed a law forcing public universities to allow concealed guns on campus. There are several reasons why this is the right decision.

First, the U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to defend themselves. Obviously, there are times when guns are not permitted but to prohibit an entire campus with thousands of unarmed teachers and students at all times is not wise given the world we live in.

Lunatics and Islamic terrorists don’t attack where they think someone might return fire. That’s why they target movie theaters, schools and churches.

Liberal educators want no one to carry guns but that is now against the law in Texas.

The law does not apply to private colleges and Baylor, TCU and SMU still have policies that ban guns on campus. They have vowed to fight any legal attempt to include private schools in the law.
Again, you obviously don’t want every 18-year-old freshman carrying a gun to class. But what about the 24-year-old war veteran who has a state-issued concealed carry permit. Why can’t he quietly carry a weapon on campus? We trusted him to risk his life in defense of our country. Why can’t we trust him now?

The truth be known, most conservative churches in Tulsa have more than a handful of members with permits who take guns to worship services every week. Just the threat that someone might return fire prevents potential massacres.

This is a case of political correctness getting the way of saving lives. Don’t stop everyone from carrying a gun and don’t publicize gun-free zones.