Happy birthday to the United States, the finest nation in the entire world

Yes, it has been a full 246 years since a group of men, representing the thirteen colonies on the Continent of North America, met in Philadelphia for some time. The reason for this meeting was to reach a decision on the future course of action in dealing with the British Kingdom and the nefarious treatment they had been subjected to at the hands of the king and his military and commerce. The final decision was reached and signed on July 2, 1776, we have been told. But on July 4, it was announced on the steps of the building by one of those attending.

The result of this meeting was titled: “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America.” In my opinion, as well as in many individuals earlier in the ensuing years, the resulting document remains the most dignified, clear and factual written notice of dissolution of ties between one group of people and their rulers in the history of the world. These men were, again in my opinion, truly inspired by God, and must have been to prepare and unanimously agree to the wording.

Those stalwart gentlemen knew that by affixing each of their signatures to the document, they were going to be declared guilty of treason and subjected to the most serious penalties, including death, should the parent nation succeed in capturing them. The final sentence of the Declaration reads: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” Indeed, some lost their lives in the ensuing invasion by British and hired mercenary military forces. Most lost their homes to fire and explosion, some watched family members killed by the brutal troops.

Of course, given the slow pace of messages of the time, it was several months before the king received his copy of the Declaration. He probably blew a fuse and ordered an all-out war to put down the insurrection. Most of us who are older than 50 years probably have learned in school about the so-called “Revolutionary War” of several years duration, a situation reportedly not true today.

It should more properly be titled the “War for Independence,” in my opinion. The forces of the king were fed and equipped to the best limits available at the time while the men in the Continental Army were fighting with their own weapons and clothed mostly with their own clothes, subsisting on whatever would be available in the field. We all know of the successful result of this defense of our independence, mostly due to the troops’ dedication and the will of God (changing weather in a number of instances to assure success on the part of the defenders).

So, each year we have set aside July 4 as the observance of the creation of what became the greatest, most prosperous and most free nation in the history of the world. It has been looked at by oppressed people all over the world as a goal to become part of. And yet, there are still misguided or evil people elsewhere, as well has right here, who would do anything to bring down our form of government and bring us back to the slavery existence, that was the rule before independence.

Unfortunately, individuals of that mind set seem to have infiltrated the oldest existing political party, the  Democrat Party, and have made inroads into leadership in the now in the majority in Washington, the Republican Party. It should be remembered that the Republican Party was not founded until the early 1850s and was for the sole purpose of the abolition of the onerous practice of slavery. It fielded an unsuccessful presidential candidate in the 1856 election and was victorious in the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln.

If we are to reclaim our lost freedoms and restore our world prominence, we must be willing to put forth the efforts exemplified by those signing the Declaration. We must be willing to rise up in indignation over the mean-mouthed speaking of those in party leadership as well as in the well-known C/S mentality of the majority of those in the news (?) media and entertainment industry. One way to make our opinions and objections known, and felt, is to simply not patronize those appearing or the businesses that are their sponsors. A substantial reduction in popularity and thus finances would certainly be enough to claim their attention, or if not render them irrelevant.

Happy Birthday USA!!!