Happy Times Are a Long Way Off

The New York Times writes, “A cascade of events suggests that 2015 could be remembered as a liberal spring: The moment when deeply divisive and consuming questions of race, sexuality and broadened access to health care were settled in quick succession, and social tolerance was cemented as a cornerstone of American public life.”

It was just last year that Americans voted for change and gave the Republicans control of the U.S. House and Senate.  Unfortunately, those running the two chambers are not up to the task and nine unelected justices make their decisions.

The majority of Americans are God fearing and love this country.  They do not want government ruining healthcare in the hopes of making it better. Chief Justice Roberts is so out of touch as to not see the “single-payer” state coming.

Gay rights is not a place for the military or religion.  No wonder college presidents and clergy see accreditation and tax-exempt status being eliminated for those who differ.  We are a sick society.

Pope Francis, who should denounce the 5-4 Supreme Court decision, is silent.  His cause is climate change.  Where is his wrath and indignation with the dictators and despots across the globe who robbed from their people across Africa, Asia and Latin America? The investments and infrastructure are not there because the money is in Swiss accounts.

Articles like the ones in the Times might make one think that Americans are rejoicing with the governments continued intrusion into everyday living.  This, too, is not the case.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants found that “about half of America adults have postponed a major life decision in the past year for financial reasons.” They either lack savings or are worried about the economy.  This in turn translates into not buying a home, getting married and having children or delaying getting an education. This is terrible news for the long-term health of the economy – regardless of what Federal Reserve governors want you to believe.  The reason people don’t save is they don’t make enough money.

The new trade bill Republican lawmakers gave to President Obama will only make matters worse.  Ross Perot was right and the congressional Democrats are right this time.  It’s bad policy.  Immigration without limits too is bad policy for American working families.

On the education side, a family really has 6 years to get it right, 5th grade through 11th grade.  If during those years your child sits through a bad educational experience, they are through.

No decent college, no decent job and no future.

The answer is school choice.  Give them $8,000 to find a better school.  Private and charter schools are the answer if public schools won’t improve.

Both the congress in Washington and our own legislature need to do far more to halt the road to ruin.

Ed Goeas, a former Oklahoman and top pollster, reported that 72 percent of Americans fear economic crash.  “Concern over the economy is the highest I’ve ever seen,” he said.

As the Democrats rejoice on their deviant success, the future belongs to whoever improves the economy.