Editorial: Harassment strategy backfires

Liberals launched an all-out campaign to smear Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to keep him from winning that race. The trotted out a handful of women who made unsubstantiated claims that Moore had sexually harassed them. Not only were those claims 40 years old, but they were not crimes. Moore is convincing when he says all of this is a lie.

The same Democrats (liberals and establishment Republicans) hoped to derail President Trump’s campaign by releasing a video with some rude comments about women.

The plan didn’t work. Trump was elected and now the tables are being turned on the liberals/Democrats.

Garrison Kellion, the former host of A Prairie Home Companion (his column runs in the liberal Tulsa World), was fired by Minnesota Public Radio.

Kellion, a far-left outspoken Democrat, was fired for “inappropriate behavior.”

Then there’s Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, the former comedian who has come under fire for a photo of him abusing a woman who was asleep. More accusations of abuse have followed and Franken announced he will resign

Today host Matt Lauer was fired after his bosses got a “detailed complaint from a colleague concerning inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” An outspoken liberal and Democrat backer, Lauer had been host for 20 years.

Men should treat women with respect, especially in a work place environment in which women feel their jobs could be threatened. No one should be bullied at work or coerced into an unwanted sexual encounter.

And conservative and Republican men can be guilty of the same misconduct. If you don’t believe that, check out the record of some state lawmakers.

But it is interesting that a trap set by Democrats to get Trump is destroying a growing list of liberal “icons.”