Harassment suit versus PCSD

The leader of a Satanic-like group has filed a lawsuit against the Putnam City Public School District, asserting that his family has been harassed because of a “black mass” at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.

In a lawsuit filed August 21 in Oklahoma County District Court, Adam Daniels and his wife Kelsey Daniels, claimed that several Putnam City School District employees at several schools mistreated their three children and made repeated false allegations about their parenting to the Department of Human Services.

The lawsuit seeks a $300,000 judgment.

The suit alleges that the parents had about 40 visits from DHS Child Protective Services over a period of years which were based on “falsified allegations purported by District personnel.”

It also alleges that the children were bullied and mistreated.

In 2013, the family participated in the local charter of the Dakhma of Anramianyu and that Adam Daniels was a leader of that group. They held a “black mass” in 2014 at the Civic Center Music Hall.

Daniels reportedly said he filed the suit to stop the DHS visits. He also said that his religion has been mischaracterized as Satanism.

School officials have not publicly commented on the lawsuit because it is pending litigation.