Help for veterans on OSU campus

The battlefield and military service in general offers a very different world than the one student veterans find on the Oklahoma State University campus, and that often makes their transition to college life very challenging.

“Our student veterans are the most non-traditional of non-traditional students,” said Rick Hansen, coordinator of Veteran Student Academic Services office at OSU. “In addition to being older, many have families to support and raise. Most are first generation college students and have little if any financial support from their families. That’s why an unforeseen circumstance can quickly end a college education for them.”

Hansen is hopeful a new online funding option, called the OSU Student Veteran Emergency Fund, will help remove some of the obstacles and help more veterans make it to graduation day.

“This site gives everyone the chance to help student veterans get through education-ending situations, with donations of any amount. As a career military veteran myself, I can promise that they are well worth the investment,” said Hansen.

Donations to the emergency fund can be used to cover several types of expenses, including Veterans Administration funding shortages, assistance with rent and utilities, childcare costs, unexpected personal or dependent medical problems, as well as groceries and fuel.  The primary task is to coordinate with campus, community, state and federal organizations to provide services to more than 850 veterans and military-affiliated students at OSU.  For more information, email or call 405-744-1390.