Here are some of my New Years’ resolutions for 2017

Okay, here are my New Year’s resolutions.

I will not gain any weight and I will try hard to trim down some.

I will try to steal funnier jokes for the end of my column each week.

I will oppose every tax increase at every level of government.

I will pray more, especially for my family.

I will thank every veteran I see for their service to our country.

I will spend less time watching network television (which is horrible).

I will try to remember to send in my overdue dues to the Procrastinator’s Club of Tulsa.

I will keep getting great guests to interview on my radio show, Tulsa Beacon Weekend, on KCFO AM970 (noon on Saturdays).

I will look forward to the 45th reunion of the Nathan Hale Class of 1972 (assuming we are having one).

I will not attend the Oklahoma-Ohio State football game in Columbus.

I will take my lovely wife to Branson at least twice for weekend getaways (and we will see at least two shows on each trip).

I will win the Tulsa Beacon Expert Football Picks (again).

I will not watch a San Francisco 49er football game if Colin Kapernick is playing.

I will not attend a chamber of commerce event.

I will pray for President-elect Donald Trump and for his administration.

I will drink at least 100 ounces of water every day and try to consistently work out on my elliptical machine.

I will take my dog for more walks.

I will plant at least three crops in my garden this spring.

I will endeavor to spend more quality time with my three children (and daughter-in-law).

I will learn new computer skills.

I will not carry a cell phone, join Facebook or climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

I will ask Bob McDowell about his secret to longevity.

I will take a short ocean cruise somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

I will buy more music on iTunes.

I will try to find more places to sell the Tulsa Beacon single copies.

I will not step foot in a tribal casino.

I will try to go hunting or fishing.

I will take my wife on a picnic.

I will try to give more to my church and places like Mend Pregnancy Resource, New Life Ranch, John 3:16 Mission and Awe Star Ministries. (It is better to give than to receive).

I will work to get rid of liberal, activist judges.

I will ask Bill Bickerstaff for help with office machines.

I will schedule more date nights with my lovely wife.

I will try to make my lawn look as nice as Fred’s (my neighbor across the street).

I will eat more honey and less sugar.

I will not speed, especially in school zones and on side streets. I will signal when I turn and I will only honk my horn when someone does something stupid.

I will visit Cherokee, Oklahoma, where my late father graduated from high school in 1939.

I will attend an Oklahoma City Thunder game.

I will try some new restaurants.

I will work on home improvements more.

I will drive through the Ozarks in the fall when the foliage is changing colors.

I will attend the meetings of the Tulsa County Republican Men’s Club, the Patriot Pastors and the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly.

I will not buy a copy of the Tulsa World.

I will create a special section of the Tulsa Beacon for the 4th of July.

I will attend a college football bowl game.

I will read at least one book.

I will visit my in-laws in Florida.

I will tell my wife that she is a good cook (she really is).

I will not let Russians hack my computer.

I will watch fewer TV shows.

I will try to get eight hours of sleep each night.

And I will try to make the Tulsa Beacon worthy of the trust and investment that our loyal readers and advertisers have placed in us.