Here’s a bunch of stuff I think might happen in 2018

Happy New Year! Here are some of the things I predict will happen in 2018.

Oklahoma will get a new governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, insurance commissioner and state auditor.

The Washington, D.C., Swamp will get a bit dryer because of President Donald Trump.

Tulsa will get a new U.S. Congressman.

Apple will update its newest cell phone.

Mason Rudolph will be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

No one will really get a ticket for driving too slow in the left lane on a turnpike.

Oklahoma will legalize the medicinal use of marijuana – the first step to full-blown legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

The Oklahoma Sooner basketball team will make the NCAA Tournament.

Mike Gundy will stay at Oklahoma State.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will not win the NBA title.

Front-end repair shops will prosper in Tulsa because the roads are so bad.

Tulsa will not get the new Amazon headquarters.

The Democrats will win more seats in the Oklahoma House and Senate.

OU tight end Mark Andrews will be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

A lot more alcohol will be consumed in 2018 when the new state law kicks in (especially more underage drinking).

Bob Stoops will stay retired.

A politician will replace David Boren as president of The University of Oklahoma.

Jim Bridenstine will be the new chief administrator of NASA.

Mortgage rates will rise across the nation.

More states will legalize recreational use of marijuana even though it is against federal law.

OSU’s James Washington will be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Tuition costs will go up in Oklahoma and graduates will have a harder time finding good jobs.

The price of oil and natural gas will go up.

A handful of overpaid NFL millionaires plus some NBA activists will disrespect the American flag.

Oklahoma will add to the 130 casino operations statewide and it will not increase education funding.

Some car will hit one of the hundreds of jaywalkers downtown.

OU lineman Orlando Brown will be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

The “Tulsa” chamber will push for higher taxes (for everyone but their board members).

Alcohol sales will skyrocket at QuikTrips, Reasor’s, drug stores and other retailers in October.

The Oklahoma Education Association will get a raise for classroom teachers and no matter how much it is, it won’t be enough.

The number of homeless people in Tulsa will grow.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will start new quarterbacks in the fall.

Tulsa will have a better win/loss record in football.

More copper will be stolen.

Lincoln Riley will stay as coach at Oklahoma.

Oklahoma will not suffer a major earthquake.

The Oklahoma State basketball team will go to the NCAA tournament.

Tulsa will have a rash of armed robberies and burglaries.

Suburban school districts in Tulsa County will borrow hundreds of millions of dollars through bond issues.

Some delicious food will be judged harmful to your health.

Widespread corruption will be uncovered in a state agency.

Some Oklahoma newspapers will cease publication (not this one).

Oklahoma will set a new record for homosexual divorces.

NASA will launch a plan for a manned spaceflight to Mars.

Some liberal Democrats will switch to the Republican Party, run for office, claim to be conservative and then get elected to the Oklahoma Legislature.

Texting will cause more and more automobile accidents.

Tulsa Public Schools will hire more high-paid administrators who will pile more paperwork on classroom teachers.

Gov. G.T. Bynum and the Tulsa City Council will try to raise taxes, increase fees and grow government.

A major Christian denomination will embrace the Homosexual Agenda.

The TU basketball team will go to the NCAA Tournament.

The liberal news media will deliver a constant barrage of fake news about President Trump.

The City of Tulsa won’t have enough money to do what it promised on river development.

Local television news will be dominated by liberal perspectives.

Baker Mayfield will be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Utility bills will go up at least 7 percent.

Republicans will retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

The Earth will not grow warmer.

Americans’ blood pressure will really go up as medical studies paid for by pharmaceutical companies show everyone has high blood pressure.

More people will stop watching Saturday Night Live, CNN and MSNBC.

Liberal, daily, metropolitan newspapers will continue to lose readers by the thousands.

When she leaves office, Gov. Mary Fallin will not go to work for the Trump Administration.

More men in the liberal national media and in positions of power in Hollywood will be fired for sexual problems.

The football teams at Oklahoma and Oklahoma State won’t be as good next year but Tulsa will be much improved.