Here’s my list of some of the worst shows on television

I don’t watch much network television (apart from sports) because I can count on one hand the shows that I want to watch.

So, here is my really subjective list of terrible TV shows, from the networks and on cable TV.

Family Guy

This animated show has no redeeming characteristics. The thrust of the show is that the family patriarch is not a “family guy.” He is a glutton. He cheats on his wife. He verbally abuses his teenage daughter while favoring his somewhat slow son.

He hangs out with his buddies as a local watering hole where they make fun of one friend, a cop, who is wheelchair bound. Another friend is a bachelor who thinks about nothing but sex.

The worst part about this show is that it probably attracts young viewers because it is animated. The situational humor is sex-oriented and the characters have little or no regard for anyone else.

Naked and Afraid

The name just about says it all. This is a reality TV survival show. They take two strangers, a man and a woman, take off all of their clothes and drop them in a jungle or desert or woods.

A better name would be Naked and Ashamed.

I actually like survival shows but this one is obscene, even though key body parts are blotted out (they do show naked rear ends). Some of these participants are married. Can you imagine sending your spouse out to spend several weeks in the jungle with a naked man or woman? How sick is that?

These participants really suffer with hunger, bug bites, bad weather and illness.

Dating Naked

This one is even worse. This is simply selling sex on TV. I don’t even know how this works but apparently people take off their clothes and date each other.

Imagine if teens or children secretly watched this show. The message is loud and clear – anything is acceptable.

Dating used to involve romance and getting to know people apart from physical intimacy. That’s still the principle from the Bible.

Not too long ago, the producers of this show would have been arrested and charged with pornography.

Hollywood Medium

There are only two choices when it comes to evaluating soothsayers. They are either tricksters who fool hurting people or they are demon influenced. Clever charlatans can make general statements to gullible people and make it seem like they are communicating with the dead.

Guess what? You can’t communicate with dead people. Any Christian who watches this show is asking for trouble.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Who are these people and how did they get on TV?

This family is the product of an American viewing public that has too great an appetite for celebrity and has been shortchanged in the common sense department. Even people in show business see how vacuous this family is.

And to top it off, they showcase Bruce Jenner who is now dressing up like a woman. The rumor is that old Bruce is tired of being “Caitlin” and wants to “transition” back to being Bruce.

Modern Family

This is Hollywood’s attempt to redefine family in America. This “normal” family has an aging patriarch with a trophy wife from Columbia with a teenaged son who is girl crazy. One grown daughter is married to a goofy husband and that couple has a sex-crazed daughter, a nerdy daughter and a teenaged son who is girl crazy.

The worst pair in the mix is the grown son who is a life-long homosexual married to his effeminate husband. (Actually, both are effeminate). And of course, they completed the surrealistic picture of normalcy by adopting a daughter, who has a nasty temperament and sharp tongue.

This show promotes homosexuality, teen sex and progressivism. And it is couched in a really rude form of downgrading humor.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This is the Ophrah Winfrey except the host is a white, lesbian comedienne. DeGeneres became famous for declaring that she is a lesbian on her former sit-com. She proudly parades her “wife” on the show as if that were something normal.

If you notice, the audience for this afternoon show is almost all woman and they applaud for terrible reasons. It’s like hypnosis.

DeGeneres attacked State Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, the wife of a Baptist minister, because Kern believes that marriage is between one man and one woman, as taught in the Bible.

This is a show that tries to make bad views look acceptable.


Like Family Guy, this is a horrible animated show that likely draws children in its audience. It glorifies fornication, homosexuality and takes particular pleasure in ridiculing Jesus Christ. (They tried blasting Mohammed but backed down when they realized that could cause a terrorist to show up at their front door).

There are other bad shows and there are some good shows. Most of the shows I watch on are on cable channels, with sports being the exceptions.

Please don’t check out these shows. There are a lot more wholesome activities.