High Noon

You may recall the classic 1952 American western directed by Fred Zinnemann and staring Gary Cooper.

The setting is a small New Mexico territory town in Hadleyville where Marshall Will Kane is preparing to turn in his badge and depart for a new life.

Plans for the new life are put on hold when word arrives that Frank Miller, a vicious outlaw who Kane sent to prison has been released and will arrive on the noon train. Miller will be joined by three of his gang members and is out for revenge.

What makes the movie such a classic after 64 years is that human nature hasn’t changed.

Marshall Kane’s commitment to duty is strong, but he needs help. Who will help him save their community and stand up to the Miller gang?

In the movie, there is no one as Kane looks for help in the saloon and church. Many of the town’s people believe that Kane’s departure would defuse the situation. Some people are Miller’s friends. A gunfight will not be good for the towns’ reputation.

In one of the most iconic shots in film history, according to Wikipedia, the camera rises and widens to Gary Cooper standing alone on a deserted street in a deserted town.

In the end, Marshall Kane wins and the gunsmoke clears. People begin to emerge, Gary Cooper glares at them with contempt, throws his star into the dirt and leaves.

In today’s presidential election, those who should be helping the Republican nominee are noticeably absent. Who will stand up for the country and stop the Obama-Clinton legacy? Is it more important to stop Trump than allowing the Democrats to wreak havoc on the economy, military, values and institutions? Apparently, in many Republican circles, it is. Actually, both political parties elites cannot imagine everyday Americans wanting change and a better life. Their poor trade agreements, open borders and low wages benefit the establishments not ordinary working Americans.

We hear it day in and day out. “Trump is exploiting the insecurities of the nation” or “he has neither the temperament nor judgment to be president.”

But what about Hillary Clinton’s emails and the foundation’s “pay to play” philosophy?  Very little is mentioned by the press and the GOP establishment.

Henry Paulson, former Treasury Secretary and architect of the Great Recession, went so far to say, “The GOP in putting Trump at the top of the ticket is endorsing a brand of populism rooted in ignorance, prejudice, fear and isolation.”

There it is out front for all to see. You are ignorant if you support a better life for your family and yourself. Hillary even said that about Trump supporters.

Donald Trump has outlined those individuals he would like to see on the Supreme Court. He has written an economic and immigration plan. He has produced a program for the military and defeating ISIS. Yet that is not enough for Republican elites, who forced Bob Dole and John McCain on the party.

Hillary doesn’t have to say a word – just let the Republicans tear themselves apart. Those Republicans not helping in 2016 are cowards who have let their country down.