Letter to the editor: Highly educated Gist lacks wisdom

One of the advantages of being raised on a farm is what the children learn early in life.  We learned the difference between a bull and a cow; a hen and a rooster; a stud and a mare; a ram and a ewe and the list goes on and on.   Now we have people acting as if this principle does not apply to humans and they call it equality.

Dr. Gist (who is highly educated but lacking in wisdom) slides right in with Jenkins, Neill and the unequal crowd, rather than listening to the parents who know there is a difference between boys and girls.

The stupidity of the supporters of the so-called lack of equality is revealed when  they refuse look into the future and will not study history.  History is very clear about the destruction of Sodom, the fall of Benjamin and the result of the abominations of Rome. Looking at the future, it is obvious that families will be divided and sporting event leaders will be unable to determine who can compete in a sport identified by gender.

Examples: girls beach volleyball, men’s weight lifting etc.  If this is not corrected soon, the consequences will come later.  Call your elected representatives, including school board members and protest.  These biased decisions are brought about by a minority who do not care about your children’s future.