Hog bill advances

Legislation approved by the Oklahoma Senate will help Oklahomans reduce the number of feral hogs in Oklahoma.

Senate Bill 1142, by Sen. Nathan Dahm and Rep. Sean Roberts, allows the hunting of feral hogs day or night if the hunter has permission from the landowner.  Under the measure, a license will no longer be required.

“This legislation gives Oklahomans more options to combat the rapidly growing feral hog population,” said Roberts, R-Hominy. “This invasive species has been found in all 77 counties of Oklahoma and is a menace to safety and property. We look forward to the governor’s support and to hearing about its impact in rural Oklahoma.”

The legislation is supported by the National Rifle Association, Oklahoma Pork Council, Oklahoma Farm Bureau,  OK2A and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Research Foundation has estimated the feral hog population in Oklahoma to be as high as 1.6 million, with hogs verified in all 77 counties. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture has reported that feral hogs can carry up to 30 different diseases.