Editorial: Hollywood v. religious freedom

Hollywood wants to boycott the State of Georgia because lawmakers want to protect the religious freedoms of Georgians. The NFL won’t play the Super Bowl in Georgia if a new bill is signed into law.

Homosexual radicals want to force Christian businessmen all across the nation to cater to their requests – especially when it violates Biblical principles.

The homosexual movement has been successful in destroying small businesses in other parts of the country, including a small bakery that refused to do a wedding cake for two homosexuals who wanted to “get married.”

Hollywood does a lot of filming in Georgia because of a business-friendly climate, good weather and other low costs.

They view a bill that affirms religious liberty as a threat to their stated goal of “diversity.” They view any effort to criticize homosexuality as “discrimination.” The cowardly Republican governor has  vetoed the bill after getting pressure from chambers of commerce.

Christians in Georgia – or anywhere in America – should not be compelled to provide services, including performing homosexual marriages, when it violates their religious freedom.

The Walt Disney Co., Netflix, Weinstein Co., Amblin Partners and others have already threatened Georgia lawmakers about passage of the Free Exercise Protection Act. Some Georgia-based companies, including Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines and Emory University, are against religious liberty.

Actors, including Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore, have joined the effort to make Georgia bow to their liberal homosexual views.

In North Carolina, American Airlines and Lionsgate have criticized a new law that denies special rights to homosexuals.

But infringements on religious liberty don’t stop with homosexuality. A cross-country runner last year in Georgia was told he couldn’t participate if he wore a headband with a Bible verse on it. Georgia is the third-largest hub for film production behind California and New York.

Still, religious freedom is worth more than the money Hollywood progressives can provide.