Editorial: Homosexual conspiracy of silence

Why did Republican Brian O’Hara lose to Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman in the November 14 special election in Senate District 37 in Tulsa and Sand Springs?

The biggest reason is a conspiracy of silence by the liberal media. That happened because most voters – and lots of Republicans who didn’t vote – didn’t know of Ikley-Freeman’s homosexual lifestyle.

Ikley-Freeman is a lesbian, officially married to another woman. Homosexual advocates all over America are ecstatic that a lesbian was able to fool enough Oklahoma voters to gain entry to the State Senate.

The Tulsa World never mentioned her sexual deviancy until November 15, when they labeled her a lesbian. The ultra-liberal Tulsa World understood that arming potential voters with her perverted lifestyle would facilitate her losing in that district, which has more Republican voters than Democrats and Independents combined. But once she pulled the upset (by a mere 31 votes), it was time for the Tulsa World to come clean and trumpet the “progressive victory.”

No TV station mentioned her homosexual marriage. No radio station seemed to want the voters to know that Ikley-Freeman was a lesbian. The Tulsa Beacon had a front-page story but it was only repeated by a couple of bloggers. It was a secret that was carefully hidden by liberals and pseudo-conservatives all over the state.

Sometimes we elect leaders that we need (like U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine) and sometimes we elect people we deserve – like Ikley-Freeman.There are other reasons why O’Hara lost but you can bet he would have won if the Democrat’s lifestyle were common knowledge.

It wasn’t.

The lesson here is that voters can’t count on almost anyone in the news media when it comes to pertinent biographical information – especially sexual orientation. Homosexuality is a protected topic.