Letter to the editor: Homosexual flag is offensive

Is it OK to be offended by a flag?

Should we remove all flags that remind someone of something they consider wrong, hurtful, dangerous or offensive?

If yes:  Then we are offended by the homosexual (rainbow) flag.  It reminds us of over 1,200,000 people in the United States who have AIDS.  Those deceived by the LGBT lies say the majority of the cases result from drug addicts using infected needles, but CDC shows the major cause is male with male partners.

Sadly the majority of these are Afro-American males ages 13 through 24.  CDC also reveals that more than 50 percent of those infected will die within five years.   We are offended when we hear of a baby infected with AIDS by nursing its mother’s milk.   We are offended when the president of  the United States of America throws a party in the White House for the LGBT and calls it “his” house, and when he places a rainbow flag with the USA flag in foreign countries.

We believe it is time for the patriots of the United States, whether from the North or South, whether black or white, native American or any other nationality, to take a stand against the real enemies of our Constitution and stand for the principles that made our nation a safe place to raise families.

We need families with fathers and mothers who desire for their children to have a good future which they can never have with the current downward spiral of morality which is bringing death.