Letter to the editor: Homosexual health risk

Concerning the Supreme Court debate on “same-sex marriage,” all of us need to remind the court that it is a health risk.

You know, if you play in the sewer – as in the human septic system – you risk contamination with e coli, etc. Then, men who contaminate themselves are at risk of contaminating other sex partners, be they men or women.

If there is contamination of water or food with those same items – we issue national health alerts. So, one would hope the court can make this determination. Perhaps we can consider this an IQ test for the justices.

There isn’t much that is complicated about this matter. The Centers for Disease Control can explain the risk. And, if you visit a doctor’s office, you will be asked if you have engaged in same-sex relations. If so, they must take added precautions because you are a health risk to medical personnel.

Some will try to tell us it is a matter of religion. Well, that is true. Then, I ask you to show me rules, such as the Ten Commandments – which are not primarily aimed at maintaining civilization and good health.