Homosexual ‘marriage’ a sham

July 11, 2013

No matter what action is taken by the U.S. Supreme Court, marriage in the sight of God will always be between one man and one woman.

Homosexuals and progressives all across the nation celebrated a victory of sorts when the Supreme Court struck down a portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress in 1996 and signed by Democrat Bill Clinton). They squealed in delight when the court refused to uphold a ban on homosexual marriage in California.

The homosexuals and their partners want to force every God-fearing American to accept their degrading lifestyle. Their ultimate goal is to do away with marriage altogether so that anyone can have sex with anyone (or any thing) any time without consequence. And the best way to destroy marriage is to open it up to homosexuality.

But anyone who holds to traditional, Judeo-Christian morals, knows that it is unnatural and unbiblical for a man to be with a man and a woman to be with a woman. The homosexual assault is aimed at destroying the Bible as a source for morality but the deeper target is God Himself. They ask, how God can create someone who was “born to be a homosexual” and then condemn his or her behavior as sin?

The answer is that entering into a homosexual lifestyle is a choice. Some may be more predisposed toward that behavior but it is not God’s plan for anyone.

The Supreme Court might make homosexual marriage legal throughout America. But it will never be holy matrimony.