Letter to the editor: Homosexuality and divorce

Some thoughts on various subjects…

Something that people may have overlooked about the now legalized gay marriage  mess is that it will apparently cause, as an end result, more divorces. As research has shown, that while they claim to be in a “committed” status, they seldom are in a monogamous state. For some reason, they are “always on the prowl.”

Over the years, has anybody noticed that cars and car doors get dented by other vehicle doors in parking lots? You almost never can fully open your doors to get in or out of a vehicle parked next to you because they are so close. I never saw such a thing when I was young. I have determined why. The next time you go to a parking lot, look how close the cars are to one another. It is that way because the parking spaces are so narrow. And why are they so narrow? To obviously get more cars in the parking lot, which means more shoppers and more money being spent – at the cost of dinged up vehicles.

As for drones, why would the average person buy a drone? As a new toy? There could be some sinister implications with these things and other people would be at the mercy of the party operating them. And by that I mean – let’s say you have a privacy fence around your backyard and you have a pool or a hot tub that your wife or teenaged daughters use in the summer. And at times, they tan or swim (without much on) because they know firmly that they completely sheltered from prying eyes.

But they are not hidden from a flying drone with a camera recording some personal footage. This would certainly be a violation of privacy. While I don’t have a pool or hot tub or a teenaged daughter at home, I would feel inclined to put a sign in my front yard that says, “any drones flying above my property will be shot down – you have been warned.”

We know Bell’s Amusement Park has been out of existence for about a decade now. But it has come to light that Tulsa does still have an amusement park – where you can find thrills, chills, spills, self-glorification, the blame game, nonsense, lack of responsibility, ups and downs, and to ride a chairlift from above to see what kind of mess has been made.

Tulsa still has an amusement park and it’s called “city hall.”