Editorial: Homosexuality and Tulsa schools

The leadership of Tulsa Public Schools is promoting acceptance of homosexuality.

TPS Superintendent is very clever in her advocacy. She recently put on a presentation to “foster equity” for homosexuality within the public school system.

How are homosexuals treated unequally? The laws that protect all citizens protect them.

Gist paraded out the usual advocates for homosexuality from the Oklahoma Center for “Community and Justice,” the Oklahomans for “Equality,” and Camp Fire Green Country.

Perhaps these groups should be renamed the “Oklahoma Center for Forced Acceptance of our Progressive, Intolerant Viewpoints” and “Oklahomans for Licentiousness and Open Sex.” It’s bad enough that these extremists poison our culture with their hateful message but it is even worse when they infect our school children with the willing assistance from highly paid administrators.

And you wonder why decent families are rejecting public schools in favor of home schooling, Christian schools, private schools, charter schools and vouchers?

The question for the homosexual panel was “What is the single greatest challenge facing the (homosexual) community today?” The answer they came up with was that men who think they are women and women who pretend to be men need more public acceptance.

That is not the right answer.

The biggest challenges for homosexuals are avoiding sexually transmitted diseases (and early death) and getting straight with God. In the Old Testament and New Testament, the Bible calls the sin of homosexuality an abomination and judgment awaits anyone who falls into that destructive lifestyle.

And there will be an accounting for school leaders who tell little children that this is fine behavior.