Editorial: Homosexuals are not finished

The battle is not over.

The Homosexual Agenda is not fulfilled. After a liberal Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act and legalized homosexual marriage in all 50 states, you would think that the radical homosexuals – the Sodomites – would be satisfied.

That is not the case.

After trampling on thousands of years of cultural tradition and spitting on life principles from the Bible, the liberals and their homosexual minions want more.

The Los Angeles Times reported that in June the Los Angeles LGBT Center put out an e-mail blast with the subject line “Our Next Steps.” The message from the Oakland-based Transgender Law Center is “more than marriage,” the president of GLAAD said that “marriage is a benchmark, not a finish line.”

These people believe that anyone who chooses a homosexual lifestyle should be granted a special series of rights that are on the same level as race, religion and ethnic origin – all factors beyond someone’s control.

Twenty-eight states – including Oklahoma – don’t have special rights built into their laws for homosexuals. There is no way the Oklahoma Legislature will go for that set of new laws but look for lawsuits to pop up that will afford a federal judge or the Oklahoma Supreme Court the opportunity to force those into effect – against the will of the Oklahoma people.

What are some other targets for the Sodomites?

  • Conversion therapy – They want a national law that prohibits licensed therapists from advising patients – particularly young people – that they can escape from a homosexual lifestyle and become normal. They have these laws in California and New Jersey.
  • Youth suicide – The party line is that any suggestion to a young person that homosexuality is wrong will cause them to commit suicide. This will turn teaching the Bible into “hate speech.”
  • Transgender – They want to continue to change the language and force Americans – with the gleeful help of the liberal media – to use “marriage equality” and “same-sex marriage” (instead of “gay marriage”).

The battle is set. Let’s hope our lawmakers and pastors have the courage to say no to the moray decay.