Letter to the editor: Homosexuals risk their health

The Tulsa World ran a letter to the editor entitled, “Diocese (Catholic) not part of Tulsa community.” The writer was upset that Bishop Slattery stated, “No one can redefine marriage except God.” The writer, of course, challenged the bishop to cite his source.

Well, she should read a lot more – some scripture, perhaps. In any case, these laws of God are also covered by civil and criminal law in most cases. They are for our protection.

At this time it must be noted that homosexuality is a grave risk to health. This is especially true for men. They are playing in the human sewer – the body’s septic system. Human and animal septic systems in general are the source of E. coli, etc. These are the same contaminations that are greatly feared in food and water – as they should be. This is why we are told to wash our hands.

For reference, you check with the FDA, Centers for Disease Control, EPA, etc. For my part, based my education and graduate studies at four major universities and several colleges, I have been listed/licensed by the FDA, NPPA, EPA, Department of Labor and Texas Board of Natural Resources. In the interest of training, testing and consulting, I have worked at most of the major hospitals in the United States. Hospitals must be sure that systems are not contaminated or “cross connected” to be sure systems delivering the proper signals and materials. In the case of homosexuals, their plumbing is certainly “cross connected” and it is a major health risk.

We also have the matter of people who work together, in the military or professionally, in close quarters or share sleeping quarters. If men and women are asked to share space, it is an awkward situation.

It may well result in harassment and risks to health. It is the same situation if people of the same sex must be placed in the same situation if one is “gay.”