Editorial: Homosexuals target the Big 12

A radical homosexual group is demanding that the Big 12 Conference not add Brigham Young University to the league because BYU’s honor code is against homosexuality.

Athlete Ally, the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) and about 20 other pie-eyed homosexual groups think they can prevent BYU from getting an invitation to join the Big 12 because of alleged “discrimination.”

BYU’s Honor Code, which students must agree with to enroll at the Mormon school, prohibits homosexual behavior by students and staff members. Even exhibition of homosexual behavior is forbidden in the Honor Code.

The Princeton Review has ranked BYU as the “sixth worst” university for homosexual students in the nation.

That actually is a badge of honor.

This attack on BYU should carry absolutely no weight in the decision of whether or not to extend an invitation to join the Big 12. There are serious questions about whether BYU is a good fit, but the Honor Code should be a big plus for the Mormon school.

The Big 12 schools are mostly in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas (plus Iowa and West Virginia) and those areas are heavily populated by Christian evangelicals. There would be some conflict due to Mormonism, including a prohibition on playing sports on Sunday.

Unfortunately, if BYU doesn’t get an invite for the right reasons, the radical homosexuals will claim a victory and assert that it was denied because of its Honor Code. And if that happens, the next step for these homosexuals would be to legally force BYU to abandon its prohibition of homosexual sex on campus. That code, by the way, prohibits fornication. Most colleges could use more morality these days.

If the Big 12 rejects BYU for rejecting homosexuality, BYU would be better off not joining a league with such immoral leadership.