Editorial: Hooray for OU’s Baker Mayfield

Congratulations to Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, the winner of the Heilman Trophy – given to the best player in college football.

And congratulations for a great season for OU coach Lincoln Riley in his first year as head coach of the Sooners.

For the past three years, Mayfield and Riley (who was OU offensive coordinator for Mayfield’s first two years as a starting quarterback) have teamed with a great offensive line, talented running backs and skillful receivers to produce one of the best offenses in college football.

Commentators and coaches alike made the same comment – Baker Mayfield is the best player in college football. And his statistics prove it.

Detractors will point to three minor incidents that prove that Mayfield isn’t perfect and doesn’t always make the right decisions in personal matters or in sportsmanship.

Don’t compare Mayfield to Johnny Manziel, who had substance abuse issues.

Mayfield is a mature 22-year-old who has the courage to apologize when he makes mistakes and to try to avoid them in the future. Part of his problem is that he has an uncontrollable passion for playing football.

It’s nice to see excellence in any field from a university campus these days.

Mayfield may not be a high draft pick next spring because he’s not 6-4 and 230 pounds. But he has a rocket arm and he has deadly accuracy.

Add Baker Mayfield’s name to the growing list of Heisman Trophy winners from OU.

Maybe the “Heisman House” should add another floor just for OU grads.