Editorial: Hope for the State Legislature

State government could be a reason for optimism in Oklahoma.

After a failed attempt to elect more than 30 so-called “pro education” candidates (mostly liberal Democrats, savvy Oklahoma voters gave conservatives more control of the State House and Senate.

Representatives like David Brumbaugh, Dr. Mike Ritze, Chuck Strohm, Kevin McDugle, Michael Rogers and John Bennett are going political strength and should be able to promote an agenda that is for a smaller, more efficient state government.

They are joined in the Senate by Nathan Dahm, Bill Brown, Dave Rader, Joe Newhouse and others. Conservative bills sometimes die in he Senate, killed by Republican chairmen, but there is hope that can be reversed.

And this new wave of conservatism should put pressure on Gov. Mary Fallin to have her actions match her rhetoric. (Fallin actually may not finish her term if she is offered and accepts a job in the new Trump Administration).

Oklahoma is facing another budget shortfall. Belts need to be tightened. Some agencies need to be deleted. We need more audits. School administrators need to devote more resources to teacher salaries.

A host of good reforms are now within our reach and we have a solid group of conservative lawmakers who are up to the task.