House passes resolution banning abortion

The Oklahoma House on Monday passed  House Resolution 1004, which directs every public official in Oklahoma to exercise their authority “to stop murder of unborn children by abortion.”

HR1004, authored by State Rep. Chuck Strohm and co-authored by more than 20 conservative co-authors, directs Oklahoma judges not to interfere with the Legislature’s right to clarify Oklahoma criminal law.

The resolution cites the Declaration of Independence and the “unalienable right to life.” The U.S. Constitution mandates that no state can deprive any human being of “life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness without due process of the law…”

Strohm said legalized abortion violates the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court overstepped its bounds by legalizing the murder of unborn children in Roe v. Wade.  State officials must obey the state and federal constitution over unconstitutional decisions by state and federal courts.

A copy of the resolution will be sent to the president and the U.S. Supreme Court.