Editorial: Houston stops homosexual plans

On November 3, voters in Houston rejected by a 3-2 margin a proposed ordinance that would have promoted homosexuality in its municipal government.

Good for those Texans.

Houston is the biggest city in the nation with an openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker. She wants Houston to be the modern version of Sodom and is working furiously to open the floodgates to hedonism and to diminish the influence of Christian morality.

Her response to the stunning defeat was to warn that Houston would pay a financial price because this failed vote would “stain” its reputation and make people see the city as “intolerant” and not as a “welcoming global city.”


Local Republicans said Parker is simply using scare tactics.

This vote will show people that Houston has decent, God-fearing citizens who understand that homosexual lifestyles are immoral. Homosexuality limits lifespans, it fosters sexually transmitted diseases, ruins careers, wrecks families and damages children.

The centerpiece of any successful culture is the nuclear family unit is marriage between one man and one woman. Parker, in order to justify her own sexual adventure, is willing to sacrifice the morality of an entire city. She said the vote was about “my rights.” The voters said no.

Twenty-eight states – including Texas and Oklahoma – don’t offer special rights to homosexuals in terms of perceived discrimination. Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio all have municipal ordinances that confer special privilege to homosexuals. Tulsa’s liberal city councilors also have added homosexuality to the list of nondiscrimination categories.

Homosexuals and their progressive partners want special rights for people who have “sex changes.” They want men to be able to use women’s restrooms in public. They want to force normal people to accept their sexual lifestyles.

Maybe this vote in Houston will signal a trend toward rejection of this perversion.